YouTube SEO For Beginners

In addition to thumbnails, video titles are one of the few details a YouTube searcher has when deciding what videos to click. One of the best YouTube SEO practices is to increase your Click-Through Rate . You can boost your CTR by having compelling titles and thumbnails. Pick something that makes your video search result stand out from the rest of the videos. You can also use other marketing channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc to drive more visitors to your YouTube channel to watch your videos.

YouTube’s analytics found that top-performing channels create more playlists than the bottom 25%. The last thing you want to do is create a video that’s another face in the crowd. In other words, you’ll want to provide value to viewers that they can’t get from any related video. While it may be tempting to load your videos with dozens of video tags, you need to be highly strategic with them. For example, if you include a tag that ISN’T related to your video, you may incur a penalty from Google.

Just let me know which of your videos you would like me to pop into my playlists. The presenters are looking directly at the camera and the text on screen further reiterates what the video is going to be about. YouTube does automatically assign a video thumbnail to you, but this will just be a random shot from the video. Encouraging engagement is one of the easiest YouTube SEO tips to implement, and can make a significant difference to the performance of your YouTube content. So make sure you write a script with a short and snappy intro, one that gets to the point quickly and informs viewers why they should stay tuned. To know more click this link

Below is an example of how competitive the term ‘dell computer review’ is. This term is something that someone may be searching for when they are considering a product. These videos are pulling through from YouTube, but also from other websites and blogs around the web. New competitors, new products, new services—everyone is fighting for the top spots. So, finding ways to diversify yourself and your offering is crucial. Do your keyword research, and unless you can compete with really competitive terms, pick keywords that can get you volume, but are less competitive.

Once you’ve found a Video Keyword, it’s time to see if there’s any search volume for that keyword. Otherwise, you might rank in Google for a keyword that only gets 20 searches per month. This number represents the total number of videos on YouTube about that topic.

I recommend you to use Display Planner in order to get relevant keywords. This shows your text over the video which helps viewers understand your video narration better. It can also be translated into different languages thereby reaching out to more people. There are techniques that you could follow to optimize your YouTube videos to rank higher on YouTube search. Several tools can give you a rich profile of your competitors’ YouTube presence.

Great post, which explained why some of my videos rank page one and other don’t….likely the “Video keyword” theory that you suggested. Not sure about the mobile device views, but that might be a sign of fake views within YT’s algorithm. Obviously, you don’t want to use keyword stuffing or any shady stuff like that. Just naturally sprinkle in words and phrases that you want your videos to rank for. To execute this step, just search for a keyword that describes your video’s topic.

YouTube SEO is a process of optimizing your YouTube videos and channel to increase its rankings via YouTube. Search engines, like YouTube, have an intricate algorithm that determines how your videos will appear in YouTube rankings. Optimizing for YouTube can help increase important metrics like follower count, brand awareness, website visits and revenue. Sean produces the majority of our creative marketing materials and online content. He also runs and produces content for our social media channels.

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