Weber Gas Barbecues, Grills & Smokers for sale

The grates are made of cast iron, but they are coated in porcelain. The porcelain coating prevents food from sticking, so the grates don’t need seasoning. Only very old models of Weber grills would require seasoning, and because they are very old, that surely happened a long time ago.

You can buy online here at or from the retail showroom in Goatstown, and you will be guaranteed that your purchase is the best barbeque solution for you. The Outdoor Scene’s friendly and well-trained staff are always more than happy to explore all your barbecue and outdoor cooking options. The Outdoor Scene takes great pride in our attention to detail and meticulous customer service. The Outdoor Scene also services the hospitality industry and other trade industries. offers a comprehensive online catalogue of the most popular Weber grills, as well as their extensive range of barbecue accessories, and protective covers.

The new Genesis smart barbecue is your secret to perfectly barbecued food with WEBER CONNECT smart technology. Simply set your desired food doneness and receive notifications at the moment it’s time to flip and serve. If you are located in Dublin or local surrounding areas, the Outdoor Scene can assemble your barbecue for you, for a small additional charge. Many of our happy customers often ask if the Outdoor Scene staff can assemble their Weber barbeque for them, and the answer is almost always yes! If you are considering a weber gas bbq, and live locally to Dublin, we highly recommend taking advantage of this assembly offer. This assembly option includes connecting up your gas so your Weber barbeque will be ready fire up as soon as the barbecue assembly is complete.

TheWeber Gas Grillscan be easily pre-heated with desired temperature for perfect cooking. The multiple burners present in theWeber Gas Grillshelp you in the slow and steady cooking. The features of the Gas Grill include Porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grate which provides even heat distribution across the entire across the entire barbequing surface and superior heat retention. It has Porcelain enameled lid, tuck away arming rack which keeps the food warm. TheWeber Gas Grillsalso have side tables with integrated tool hooks which can be used to keep the platter, seasoning and tools within arm’s reach.

The Q 3200 allows you to barbecue without flare-ups or cook a roast. The Outdoor Scene in Goatstown, on the south side of Dublin, is the No.1 outlet in Ireland for Weber Barbecues. Weber Grills are renowned for their top quality build, innovative designs, expansive barbecue range, and of course great flavour results. Looking for a Housewarming gift, Anniversary gift, Corporate Gift, or a gift for any occasion, you can find the perfect item here. All products are unboxed by our executives at the time of delivery to ensure order accuracy.

Sun, rain, snow, hail, and wind are bound to take a toll on the outer surface of your grill, so it’s important to pick a material that’s very durable. While stainless steel can discolor from high heat, it won’t rust or corrode with rain and snow. Enameled or powder-coated steel is durable, but eventually, it can crack or chip, leading to rust underneath. Grillers love the quality construction and ventilation available on the Jumbo Joe—though it’s small, it still has a top and bottom damper to adjust airflow. Though you have ample room to host a moveable feast, keep in mind is that there is not as much clearance under the lid to cook bone-in turkey breast or whole chickens.

Rest assured that with integrated smart barbecuing technology, your family will be served the best food they’ve ever eaten. Gather your family around the barbecue and ignite the flames. Let the GS4 high performance grilling system take the lead while you focus on what really matters – quality time with the people you love, in the comfort of your garden. The Genesis® II E-310 GBS is your everyday answer to “”what’s for dinner?””. With the GS4 high-performance grilling system, ample cooking area, and convenient side tables for a workspace.

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