The Pluritude of Health Definitions

According to the World Health Organization, “health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, free from disease, disability, or incapacity.” Moreover, more than two-thirds of the health of a country depends on a person’s genes, while the remaining third is influenced by the social determinants of health. These factors, which have been around for centuries, influence the health of individuals and communities. They are often shaped by money, power, and resources. They also influence public policies and institutions.

The definition of health is a complex concept, involving many different facets. In the traditional sense, it is the absence of disease. In this definition, the medical profession can declare an individual to be healthy, despite the fact that new diseases are being discovered all the time. People’s experiences and observations about health do not matter, since only a specific medical criterion can determine whether a person is healthy or not. Instead, the social context of health influences the definition of the concept.

The plurality of health definitions reflects different contextual factors. The home context is the first context that the concept originates from. While it makes sense mostly inside the home context, it can also exist outside it. This implies that the process of conceptualizing a phenomenon aims at shaping its content and border. It seeks to localize the identity and meaning of a phenomenon. In addition, most health concepts are socially constructed. Moreover, they imply a relationship between an individual and society.

The plurality of health definitions reflects the diversity of contexts in which it is defined. The home context is the one where a concept originates. It makes sense in the home context, but it does not make sense in a context outside the home. In this way, there is no hierarchy and precedence between the different perspectives. Consequently, public information on health should consider multiple approaches and argue for a specific approach to health. As a result, they reflect socially constructed categories.

Similarly, the plurality of health definitions reflects the different contexts in which they are used. The home context refers to the context in which the concept originated and makes sense. For example, the term “health” means “well-being.” This term is also a general concept, a social construct. A healthy home is a healthy home. Ultimately, it is a matter of self-determination and personal choice.

In the digital society, the concept of health is a resource. In the modern world, health is a human right, and therefore, it should be protected. A healthy home is a society that prioritizes the rights of its citizens. The best home is one that focuses on the interests of its citizens. It is an environment that is free of adversity. It is a place where everyone can find peace and tranquility.

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