5 Best Violin Brands For Beginner Violinists

The pegs would come loose from tightening strings, the bow was so curved and bent that the strings touched wood. Don’t even waste your time let alone your money. Brought it by a music store and they said I was better off getting a new setup rather than trying to get this one to work.

I’m completely new with the violin and I’m 61 years old. My son played the violin but hasn’t picked it up for a couple of years so I’m borrowing his violin. How can I tell who made this violin, there is no name on the violin. However, please note that you can’t expect good quality wood or a high level of craftmanship. You might struggle with the bridge that doesn’t fit, strings that snap quickly or a bow that is not entirely straight.

I like that comes with extra set of strings. Did have to file down Rosin to get decent coat to bow strings. The set is really complete with a violin, bow, case, shoulder rest, rosin, digital tuner, mute and polishing cloth. Fiddlershop.comoffers good quality instruments, but what really separates them is that they adjust the violin so they are ready to play.

You’ll be surprised how many webshops sell instruments that can hardly be tuned or played. I let it rest at home temperature for a day or two before attempting to set the bridge or tune. I also loosened the strings slightly before setting the bridge and allowed strings to rest before small tightenings. I forgot how much rosin a new bow needs to make clear sound. I ended up using darker rosin I had on hand to get a fuller sound . I am confident that as the strings acclimate to their stretch they will hold tune well.

To my semi-trained ear this is a good sounding instrument. If you want to try out playing a violin without having to rent one, this is a great choice. If you Buy It Now, you’ll only be purchasing this item. If you’d like to get the additional items you’ve selected to qualify for this offer, close this window and add these items to your cart.

As a beginner, I can get nice sounds out of it, but when I hit a wrong note, I wonder if the intro level violin accentuates it more? Hi Anne, just answered you over at YouTube. Good wooden bows are a lot more expensive and the carbon ones are very decent at a low price point. The Glarry violin is the best choice for most people, which is made of high-quality materials, beautiful in appearance and create the best sound quality.

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