Pretty Litter Cat Litter

It’s the most frustrated I’ve been with a company in a very long time. At the moment, PrettyLitter only has a single option. All their litters work the same, though they increase the amount if you’re caring for multiple cats. There is nothing else currently like it on the market. Still, that doesn’t make it the best option for all homes. Keep reading below for our complete review of this unique cat litter.

Clumping litter is typically made of natural bentonite clay granules. You can scoop it out quickly, which allows the litter to be thoroughly cleaned. Many reviewers also reported that it was much dustier than they initially thought it would be. The dust clouds are very intense and even kick up with simple scooping – not just when you pour the litter into the box.

All the veterinarians I spoke to said crystal litters generally create less dust than clay litters —and Pretty Litter claims to be low dust too—but I did not find that to be the case. This crystal litter subscription service claims to detect illnesses in your cat. The silica gel crystals change depending on the HP of the urine, helping to detect possible diseases. Pretty Litter is a non-clumping litter that absorbs urine and dries over time so it can be reused. Solid waste should be scooped daily and can be flushed but the litter itself should be disposed of in the trash when you empty the litter box. Pretty Litter does produce a fairly significant amount of dust when poured into the box.

Having more than one cat can be quite expensive when you have to completely change out the old with new monthly. I am hesitant to try this out because of the cost factor. I personally prefer Kitty Poo Club because it comes with a disposable litter and it’s way more convenient to get rid of cat things.

This product is perfect for older cat owners who have a difficult time scooping and changing the litter. When changing cat litter one should do it gradually, as some pets can find it confusing to make the change all at once. We tried this by adding Pretty Litter to another type of litter gradually. When mixed the litter still absorbed and fighted odor which means they were still effective.

However, the colors were not as distinct as when they were separated. If you purchase the incorrect type of cat litter, it can lead to various issues to your cat and also to you. If your cat does not like the litter, it may refuse to use it.

My cat had no problem covering her poop with this litter, which was soo nice.” — Becca S. It uses a color-coded system to let you know if your cat’s pee is totally normal, or if you should hit up your vet. We had our Dodo cats test this litter to find out if it’s the real deal. At Excited Cats, we regularly consult with licensed veterinarians and other industry experts.

If you are going to try it out, get 1 bag and see how long it lasts and then do the math. Secondly, I emailed them before my 30 day trial period was up and they refused to give me a refund which is clearly stated in their website. The smell was so repulsive I had to switch it out after a couple weeks but it stank up our entire house.

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