Popcorn Fundraising Ideas

In fact, many major nonprofit organizations usually host annual road race fundraisers. A charity auction is one of the most lucrative and engaging fundraisers you can host, allowing you to interact with your donors while you raise funds. Plus, your supporters have the opportunity to win high-demand items and experiences, like a mountain bike or a vacation package. This school fundraising idea is unique, and interesting, and stimulates creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset in students. Give each student a small amount of “seed money” and ask them to use their creativity to come up with a way to turn the initial $5 or $10 into a larger amount of money.

Before the building commences, community members can buy a brick and have a message engraved on one side. This strategy invites supporters to share in the excitement of the project. A live-streamed question-and-answer session provides supporters with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into your organization and your team. Your supporters will enter their loved ones’ email addresses, customize the messaging, choose from pre-selected imagery, and send their digital notes.

Charity galas made a list for all the reasons listed above and then some. Galas are often flagship events for large nonprofits, but that doesn’t mean smaller or newer organizations are excluded. In a nutshell, galas give your donors and prospects the chance to party and give your staff the chance to connect one-on-one with valuable donors. Relay For Life is an overnight Popcorn Days to raise funds event that honors survivors and celebrates life. Valentine’s Day – Lots of single friends and skill for matchmaking?

This is a fun way to pull in some funds for your work and give back to the community. Shoppers will line up at your table after purchasing their gifts from the store. Have them pay a fee per gift and chat with them about your cause as you wrap their gifts and top them with a beautiful bow. Everyone loves when carolers knock on their doors around the holidays. Find some volunteers who love to sing and practice a few carols together.

You can incorporate these donation form ideas/best practices into any of the following types of fundraising ideas. Engage your supporters in a full day of service as they volunteer for your organization or do general community service. Have participants create their own personal fundraising page and encourage anyone they come across to give to the organization.

You should also give a member of your team time to talk about your mission and impact. Make sure you have plenty of volunteers to help plant trees on the big day and bring materials to plant and secure the saplings once they’re in the ground. Don’t forget to provide plenty of water, sunscreen, and energizing snacks, too. Everyone loves a fresh-baked cookie, but not everyone has the time to make their own delicious cookie dough from scratch. Plus, with flavors like triple chocolate and caramel pecan chocolate chip, there’s something for every cookie lover to enjoy. Set your raffle ticket price based on your ultimate fundraising goal.

That’s why a pet treat or toy sale can bring in a ton of revenue for your organization. Make homemade treats and toys or partner with a local pet store to secure products for your sale. Remember that you’ll likely need to screen the comedians beforehand, especially if you’re inviting children and families to the event. Have your attendees taste and vote on their favorite chili.

Raise money by charging a participation fee or by getting sponsors to pledge money for each lap completed. Fundraising might allow your school to offer daycare, more extracurricular activities, after-school clubs, and educational programs. To make it even more interesting, you could organize the run/walk at night and have your volunteers come out at certain times and scare the participants. There are tons of ways you can make a Halloween party fun and filled with activities that are going to attract a lot of donations throughout the night.

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