Landscaping Bark Mulch Bulk Bag

By suppressing weed growth with a top layer of woody material, you will not have to spend hours sifting through undergrowth for pesky weeds or unwanted plants. Landscape Bark is a lovely natural product that is great for topping off beds and borders to give a tidy finish and to help suppress those pesky we… All our barks and mulches are natural products, helping return nutrients back into your beds. Rolawn Landscaping bark is a mid-dark brown, good quality multi-purpose conifer bark mulch derived from forestry woodchi..

Meanwhile, it prevents the growth of unwanted pesky weeds. A fine bark mulch, which acts as a weed suppressing ground cover. It also helps protect plant roots and soil against the elements. It comes in a 1 tonne bag and is ideal for all landscaping and gardening purposes. Our decorative bark chippings bulk bag is ideal for covering large areas such as beer gardens and hotel outdoor spaces. Our decorative bark mulch is the finishing touch to any shrubbed areas and flower beds, with its rich brown colour looks fantastic all year round.

Our Bark Mulch is suitable for both domestic and commercial use. This product requires little maintenance and provides great insulation for plants in colder conditions, which helps to reduce plant loss. This versatile mulch is perfect for beds and borders. A great value cost alternative to other mulches and barks.

Loose orders are only available for locations within our standard delivery zones and cannot be mixed with any other loose or bulk bag products. Melcourt Bark Nuggets is a very popular chunky bark mulch, ideal for prestigious play areas, decorative ground coverage .. Enjoy your spare time, and let us take care of the rest.

For gardeners looking to enhance the visual appeal of parts of their garden, decorative bark chippings are produced retaining their natural colour. Our Bark mulch bulk bags consists of a mid-dark brown, multi-purpose product that comes with a forestry woodchip. Thanks to this natural product, it becomes easier to improve the overall appearance of a garden.

At AWBS we’re the leading supplier of bark chippings and mulch in the Oxford and Swindon areas. With our large selection of bark chippings, we can supply and deliver bark for a wide range of domestic and commercial landscaping – both decorative and functional. From mini chips for pots and borders, to play grade bark chippings for children’s play areas, we have everything you need to create the perfect outside space.

As a responsible manufacturer, Rolawn offers carefully sourced products that enhance and protect your garden and the environment. Our Landscaping and Play Grade barks are supplied from Forest Stewardship Council® approved sources. The FSC® label means that materials used for the product have been responsibly sourced ( | FSC®-C147081). These chunky 30-60mm Pine Bark Nugget are a reddish brown, long lasting, attractive and natural decorative bark which is.. If the delivery is outside one of the postcodes listed below please Contact Us for a price. Sunlight drains soil of moisture when it is uncovered, which can lead to plant degeneration, so be sure to cover all the planted areas with our mulch.

Our Chicken Coop Chips are one of our BEST SELLING PRODUCTS at Dandys! They’re a mixture of chipped hard woods that provide a hardwearing, clean ba… Our Hardwood Path Chips are a mixture of chipped hard woods – this one gives a less natural finish than the Landscape Bark or Play Bark but that do… Due to our tipper vehicle’s weight & volume limitations, loose orders are limited to a maximum of 10 full loose tips (5cu.m) per delivery. You may order more than 10 full loose tips however, each additional delivery of up to 5cu.m, will be charged at the full delivery cost paid when placed on a single order to the same delivery location.

If we can’t access your driveway the bag will be left at the closest point possible. While every effort is made to remove any foreign bodies from the soil and compost we supply we cannot guarantee it is completely free of small fragments of sharp objects. All our soil and compost must pass thorough a fine screening process down to a 20mm but small unwanted particles can escape this process.

While it is unusual to find small pieces of glass or ceramic with sharp edges this does happen from time to time. We strongly recommend using a good pair of gardening gloves when handling any topsoil or municipal compost and our mix is no exception. Garden & Play Bark Chips, perfect for playground surfaces, beds and borders. They’re perfect for weed prevention, moisture retention or creating pathways; they’ll add a beautiful, professional finish to your garden. Needless to say, they’re all sustainably produced or sourced.

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